Seems, bbad did change

Maybe it’s just the smartphone version, or bbad really became really that bad since I posted last time. My move nearly is finished. Just one small wall to paint bright green and a Schiebetür to install - and a few things still to be fixed on the wall - and it’s finally done. I am immensely enjoying my garden incl. a tiny pool. It’s a paradise for my dog, my cats, me - the birds and an Igel (which I am all feeding):rofl:

Oh damn, it worked. Yes, I am to blame. I seemingly attracted Gunda by posting a Bavarian Jodelmeister song. Tak Tak Tak Tak, tarak!

I love that song - just in case, anybody didn’t get that.:wink:

Well look who’s back. And as pleasant as ever.

I decided you were right, though, about the smartphone version. I just hid the news tiles on that version which makes it much easier to navigate.

What a difference that made! The phone version is vastly better now without the news feeds. I have to admit, good call, Gunda.

No worries. We are still the very same intellectual elite as you used to know us. Outer appearance might have changed, our hearts didn’t.

She made a valid observation that the phone app sucked. I made it better. Not sure where you’re seeing trolling in all of that but whatever floats your boat.

I want to change my name to something different than what you chose for me.

Do you have Russian ancestors, POPOBAWA? This name sounds and reads Russian (kyrillic).

I didn’t choose your name for you, and go ahead and change it if you want.

I just saw it was set to not allow username changes after 3 days. I have changed it so you can now change your username forever.

I just changed it to a name of change. This represents the biggest change process I am currently existing as. This may be my ultimate change and be longer in duration the sum of all change phases prior.

You should pick an avatar.

i was away from my desk
form a panel
convene a symposium
questions must be re-examined
it’s urgent