I’m thinking about having outdoor security cameras installed. I want hardwired. 4 cameras. 2 quotes so far. 5K and 3K. Seems very high to me. I can no longer do the physical work. Any thoughts?

Seems very high. I feel safe with the fire department next door for some reason. That’s seems really high to me.

I can’t afford a fire department. It seemed very high to me too.

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Will, I realize you say you can’t do the work but I installed these for $70 each and it took literally a few minutes. I have perfect security accessed over the web from both homes in Colombia and Canada. I have about 5 in each apartment.

I need outdoor.

Will. Just get an A.I. This guy with the mustache is an A.I. I’m sure you can get one for 2900 dollars.

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Sign me up Dan!

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God, they’re available at Walmart there. I envy yanks sometimes.

Just looked. They have certified refurbished very cheap. If I go to walmart I’m going with my pistol.

What about battery life?

These ones at Walmart need plugs, generally. There are some with batteries that last two or more years. The big names are Blink, Reocam, Netgear Arlo and Nest Cam. I’ve never tried any of them but I’ve heard very good things about them and have considered switching to them.

My daughter bought a Blink system and installed it herself.

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The future in supermarket security.

These were really interesting articles. I read several of them.
The Shields Up advisory instructed organizations to prepare for disruptions intrusions and irregularities.

Do you think Usain bolt is broke?

Looks like he’s not doing so well.

A 6 year old shot his teacher 2 weeks ago. After 13 days, she was discharged. She warned the school about him, but nobody did anything. He threatened to set another teacher on fire.

What do you think should be done with him? Just stick him in a mental institution probably? I doubt he’d ever get out. Even if he was rehabbed he’d be so out of touch with reality. I’m glad I’m not his social worker.

My guess is he doesn’t like being told what to do. He didn’t try to kill any of the kids. At least 2 teachers.

That seems like the easiest way out although it sounds like that’s where he was when he shot the teacher. I mean, why did staff members ignore the complaints? Are they that far removed from the reality of what this teacher was complaint about? The parents stated he had an acute disability, that they were suppose to be attending school with him and accompanying him to class every day. For whatever reason, he was unsupervised that week. If he qualifies for an IEP that avenue should probably be explored.