Scientology, measles and vaccines

Hrrrrm hrrrrm CNN hrrrm fake news hrrrm hrrrm.

Insofar interesting as latin American countries, at least peru, usually have a high rate of people having gone through contagious deseases like measles or hepatitis A and thus have become immune to it the natural way-gods way- as an adult hence not being exposed to the risk as an adult when the desease would hit them more severely.

What’s fake about this story?

Maximum supreme leader told so. End of discussion.
((I love it how being right-wing makes life cool and easy!!! yay!))

You do realize at some point the supreme right wing leader ends up telling his followers to drink the koolaid, right?

Yeah, he loves fools like you who believe everything he says.

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Yeah, Jeshua did, too. Would be glad to drink it for the gift of eternal life alongside creator’s for Jeshuah’s sake!!!

I don’t think you understand, which is not surprising.

Look, liberal friend, when maximum supreme leader gives out an order which doesn’t stand against god, you fulfill it.
Otherwise you always run the risk of being turned into a pillar of salt. And that has only been the earthbound punishment.
I do understand, but do you? I won’t be helping you when god turns you into a pillar of salt. You’ll just stand around looking ridiculous like a statue. Is that what You really desire?

Help me understand something. Are you calling trump the “maximum supreme leader”?

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