These yachts make the America’s Cup boats look slow.

Gulp* That looks like dangerous fun fun.

I don’t know if any of you follow it but the America’s Cup starts tomorrow. I’m thinking ETNZ will wipe out the Italians. These new AC75 boats are absolute missiles on the water. 40 knots boat speed in 10 knots of wind. Someone didn’t bother telling them the laws of physics. These are by far the fastest boats that have ever competed for the Cup.

Looks like victory will come at the price of muscle atrophy and some kind of plegia with those lines.

No knotted muscles like tight cords. Soon you can do it with a joystick in your mouth.

Speed is the line of a bifocal lens.

Does it have an orange crate for the frame requirement?

Anyone interested in watching the first two races can do it here on Youtube. They go live in 6 hours.

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I haven’t watched it for 25 years. I can’t imagine the progress that’s been made.

Do the Americans still suck?


I can’t watch in usa.

Me either. Ellison ruined it for me. He is one of the most dislikeable humans I have ever encountered. Now that he’s gone, I’m interested again.

Yes. You need a billionaire like the British have (the Ineos guy) who wants to spend hundreds of millions on this useless undertaking.

Alternatives to watch:

Watch on FB:

Watch on their website:

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Amazing start to the series. First race was Kiwi domination but the Italians struck back in the second race to even the series at 1-1. The boat speed difference many of us (including me) expected was nowhere to be seen. They’re dead even. This is a sailing match, not a boat speed match. Brilliant.

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I guess the days of sailboats that look like sailboats are over.

In racing that’s probably true. Cruising yachts go 7 knots. It’s fun but not exciting.

Day two, another even split. The boats stand 2-2. This is the closest America’s Cup I’ve ever seen and I’ve been watching since the 80s.

you should predict the winner
i can’t breathe till you do

you should support my right to ask you to predict

Another split! 3-3. Yesterday I said this was the closest America’s Cup I’ve ever seen. Today I’ll say this is the best America’s Cup I’ve ever seen. First to 7 wins.

more sailing porn

so they called race 7 today because of "changing wind conditions. what bullshit. they have to have perfect wind conditions. so it really is a “speed race” after all. Not so much sailing ability.

I don’t see it that way. If the wind is below 6.5 knots, the boats can’t get up on foil. It is impossible for them to sail. Good call to postpone the race until tomorrow.

so it’s a different race from the past. the fastest sailboats in the world (when conditions are right Americas Cup has becomes a showcase for a certain type of boat and nothing else.