Rough Day

Rough day for me. Apparently there was a water leak in my apartment building in Vancouver. It was many floors above my apartment but there’s still a lot of damage. It will take months to repair. Looks like I’ve got nowhere to go when I leave Colombia.


It would be a chance to brush up on my bestiality skills from what you told me before.

I am sorry to hear that. We all experience the situation having nowhere to run to and nowhere to hide. It is exhausting. Be thankful to god though for what you have (that Colombian thingy).
Maybe you’re living too extended. I am planning for going minimal, too, once again.
I think god is calling believers out to prepare for exiting Egypt. An Australian friend of mine and here husband (extreme believers) are already switching from house to mobile-home for this purpose.

I might pray for Your shelter tonight.

Oh go stay with your mom Reggie. It should be fine. You are accustomed to one another.

You know, I am far more psychologically affected by this than I thought I would be. The idea of not having a home that I can return to is really uncomfortable. I hate it. If anything, this is spurring me on to buy a place in Colombia. I have been renting up to now.

That’s kind of you, Daniel, thank you.

By the way, I don’t mean this thread to come across as whiny. We’re ok. Our health is good and we are comfortable. We’ll make it through this just fine.

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Her boy has been away in Colombia but he’s still the same son. It should be fine.

Living with your parents can be heavy stuff. Especially when flats are not separated. Almost as exhausting as the psychological affection of nowhere to go. But for some time it can be helpful. Saves a lot of ZOGbux for the struggle. Also, it is a teaching in the fruits of the spirit - maybe god is probing us. We need a lot of self-control moving in with our parents at mature age, also patience and peace - that is a tough test!
Can You bear it? I hardly can!

I saw a gorilla living with his parents. An adult male. I think he knew I knew the situation.

I’m so sorry to hear that.


It was a nice thought.

I’m so sorry you are having to deal with that. Geez, what a mess! Obviously, it’s going to be a struggle you have to find a way to live with but you aren’t there yet so right now you can, in some small way, tolerate that, at least, until you have go back to Vancouver.
Water can do so much damage, especially if it’s a slow leak that went undetected for too long.
I feel for you, Reg and on a positive note, Someone’s going to have to clean that mess up but it won’t be you.

I did though. I am a confused Dannyboy and sometimes forget about stuff because of the overflow of events, so I tend to not promise and then don’t keep it.

I fear You are right about this somehow, @PastorLindstedt many can feel it, even total atheist friends. They know shit is going down soon.
I don’t know about those 10000 warlords.
Evaluating the situation the world is in, I rather observe a fix more similar to the first century “Spain under Moorish rule” or “Jeshuah’s inauguration/ march on Jerusalem”.

  • the former surviving Moorish overrun as a tight group - not as proud victorious warlords - boasting and loud - but instead as a group overwhelmed by the events - humble and meek - but determined to preserve their heritage and tightly forging together a tiny stronghold in the remote mountains of Celtiberia
  • the latter they expected a worldly military leader and received a liberator - but with liberation from within first and deliverance through worldly exit - not througt a military overthrow


This isn’t a sentence idea?

I just got my permanent residence visa for Colombia. A bit of good news in an shitty week. I should be able to head to Canada quite soon.




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