They beat up pretty well but they didn’t shoot it. Still impressive. I wonder why they make it in humanoid form. Another thought: it’s pretty scary.

Maybe it’s just for killing hockey players.

It and its successors are the end of the human race as we know it. It is amazing how we rush towards our own destruction as a species. Imagine version 10 of that thing let loose by terrorists on the streets of NYC. Imagine 100 of them let loose, or 1000. You wouldn’t even need to struggle to get them into NYC. Just drop them in the ocean 50 miles offshore and tell them to swim. I see no defense.

It damn sure won’t be hockey sticks. I doubt Asimovs three laws would be used.


This is less flashy but this form factor is even more impressive from a war point of view imo. By abandoning human form, they abandon human limitations. This design would be more stable, faster, and you could mount a weapons platform on its back. A million of those could invade and conquer any nation on earth including the US, Russia or China.

Imagine trying to survive more than one of these? I’d have to try to coax it into the hot tub.