I know this is not PC but I’m not sure if this is a bad thing. If they’re just killing each other off, I really don’t care much. The problem is if they start killing others not involved in gangs.

I agree. As far as I’m concerned they could hold Friday night gang fights. It would cut down on prison crowding and, if they allowed the prisoners to wager, use the proceeds for more guards.

@thinkingaboutit, what is your take on Will’s excellent plan? It’s not inflicting violence on the gang members, it’s allowing them the opportunity to voluntarily engage in violence against each other if they choose to participate.

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Thinki must be milking or churning or curdling or something.

He could be doing almost anything. They have options in the Netherlands we don’t have.


I gotta call my sister!

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If they allowed goat fucking, Daniel would be on a plane. Maybe I should have said when.

to me this idea sounds like the old roman times with bread and games…
cagefights in prisons but now its new and improved with a like/swipe/heart rating system and people can subcribe to watch it live and donate to voluntarily make them use toys like clubs, knives or even chainsaws and guns as long as you pay enough… a very entertaining and profitable business?

sure for some that works great (just look at how the arms industry drools over what is happening in the middle east) but is it benefitting our human society?
is this really what we want to be the purpose of prisons?

instead why not make friday cardgame night or a knitting event?:wink:

But Thinki, the prisoners want to kill each other. They don’t want to play cards or knit. Why are you oppressing them by depriving them of this free choice?

how do you know? did you ask them or arranged some trial knitting sessions and they didnt enjoy it!? lol

i dont see how suggesting some different activities is oppressing or depriving anyone from free choice… (i dont think you do either, you used to be better in goating people lol)

we all want and do things… usually the more interesting questions are why? and who benefits from this?

Ok, then answer a straight hypothetical. Let’s say the prisoners were polled and they elected the recreation of killing each other in fights to the death every Friday night. These fights would not be broadcast for anyone’s entertainment, nor would there be any betting. They simply would be permitted to fight each other (using whatever selection method they chose for opponents) to the death. Nobody who didn’t want to participate would be forced.

Any issues with this?

EDITED TO ADD: Other prisoners who chose knitting would be allowed to do knitting.

iam a pacifist and have issues with all violence


I look forward to their day in court.

should have shot a lot more.