Reg surgery

How did the surgery go Reg, looking good in the pic, so assuming you survived; when is the major operation?

The first one went fine. Half an hour, epidural anaesthesia. They released me about an hour after the surgery.

I find out when the big one is on Tuesday. Three and a half hours, general anaesthesia, not looking forward to it.

Hope all goes well …

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Just wondering when surgery is.

I’m in the waiting room. Should find out shortly and will post.

They won’t book the surgery. My blood sugar is 9.0 and they want it to be 6.0. It’ll take me another month or two to get it down to that level, I’d guess.

Why is it so high? Too much Sweet Trump last week?

That and not enough insulin it would seem.

Ugh. Just read this. Sorry.

Just brought the cat to the vet for dental cleaning lol.

Is it your a1c that is 9.0?

Speaking of insulin, Bernie just brought a bunch of michiganders to Canada to get 30 dollar insulin, instead of 300 dollars.

That must have been fun for the poor vet tech. I can imagine how my cat would react.

They knock them out lol.

Yes, my a1c was 9%. I’m trying to get it down to 6%. I think it’s achievable. It better be or no skin graft for me.

Is it on your will or “luck”?

It’s my will and my actions. I am eating very little now in order to meet my target. I should hit 80 kilos by the time I have surgery. It’ll be the first time in my life I will be underweight. I’m not worried. Two months back in Canada and I’ll gain all the weight I need.

This brings me back to the time I told you not to eat that corn bread And you almost spit me … so I wont say shit this time… lol

lol, I remember that. I admit, you were right and I was wrong. :slight_smile:

Can’t they just graft animal skin? You were able to incorporate avian skin and cranberries into your body recently weren’t you?