Read only

I have a “read only” problem. I need it to read and write. What can I do to make that happen?

After I dl the program, If the 2014 version is on one memory stick and downloads without problems, shouldn’t the second stick dl without the newest version? This is giving me a headache, I’m going down in my back and running out of time.

2017 upgrade is on the 2nd stick.

I’d try to help, Michele, but I don’t understand what you’re saying. What exactly is read only?

It’s a backup file of Quickbooks and when I try to dl from the second memory stick it says “read only.”

I don’t think it matters at this point.

If you press alt-enter with the file highlighted to bring up its properties, you will see a Read Only tickbox. Just untick it.

Unfortunately, every fix reveals a new issue but thank you anyway.