Quality of Life Index

The top 6 are bloody cold. In the past, I would’ve taken pride in Canada ranking #1 but these days I just think “bloody cold” and want to come back to Colombia.


I just realized it’s Canada Day. lol. I am such a bad patriot.

Lol. I came here to wish you happy Canada day. Happy Colombia day!! Its 83F here. Waiting for dental cleaning.

Mississippi really hurt our index.

I’m a little surprised Mexico is above Costa Rica.

I just wonder if our whole concept of quality of life is screwed up. We build these incredibly safe, clean, beautiful cities with great health care and infrastructure and programs for everyone and all any of us want to do is wait for our six weeks of vacation so we can f off to somewhere uncivilized.

A good example of that are the millions of people from around the world who spend untold thousands to come to Orlando for a week. Unbelievable. If I could I would live in Holland I think.

You didn’t post your statistics but I am still assuming you aren’t speaking of air quality, however…

I am!

Funny how that works. When Wall Street or the Ivory Tower begin dictating morality and ethical behavior, you know you’re unequivocally doomed.

Or when the president sees himself as a king.

Madshaolin … another blast from the past!

Matt! Cool to see you. Everyone seems to be crawling out of the woodwork lately.

Yes, life’s a bitch and then you marry one and all that. Speaking of which, are you still married? I always admired your ability to hold your marriage together.

PS to Will, unless he’s changed dramatically, Matt despises Trump.

Then I say a hearty welcome.

Sounds like your marriage and health have come under fire, neither of which are very good for one’s sanity. Just glad that despite such difficulties you’re not ready to blast yourself yet…particularly given our past exchanges about self-termination. One cannot help but notice that a certain somebody still wishes ill upon you and anyone who doesn’t share enmity towards you. That’s so bad that it’s funny but I also think it reveals some mental illness somehow. Anyway…be well old friend.

Will–sorry that you still have yet to recognize me. If you saw G and I exchanging chats in German it might trigger recollection. Nonetheless, I am not thin-skinned enough to give a sh*t anyway.

I recognize the name. Doesn’t matter if I recall past conversations, we can start from here. There are many things i can no longer recall though I can’t recall what they are.

I haven’t wanted to self terminate since selling my business and moving to South America four years ago. Life has actually been great for most of that time. The happiest time of my life, really. My marriage and health have only gone to hell this year.

I see a good path to recovery for my health. Two surgeries and a few months of exercise and I should be fine. The path to recover my marriage is less clear but I’ll walk it. I owe it to her and I owe it to myself to try. I am also not one to give up easily, even though the odds are that I will fail in the end.

How about you? Still married? Happy?

You say that like you’re the sane one here lol.