I was going to straighten out my garage/shop so I could take some pics. I walked out there, spent 5 minutes and walked back in. It did not spark joy. This could take weeks. I guess I need to try the Marie Kondo method and start tossing stuff. Today I only felt like tossing my lunch. Will try later.

Lol. I’m looking forward to cleaning my basement but I’ve only been here 14 months. You seem to be a Jack of trades Will.

My weaknesses right now …

Using my air fryer

I am in a cornhole tourney tomorrow and I’m so competitive that I am planning on getting a good night’s sleep so I can see well during it.

It might rain so I’m not sure. My partner is a 26 year old female. For some reason she did not have a partner but I have a feeling she is pretty good. It is at work. I might bring life size checkers to play in between.

I have collected assorted skills through my life. I won’t bore you, the list is long and I am not highly skilled in most. The variety has been rewarding though it often meant eating a lot of beans. Glad to hear you have an interest in plants, especially now that you have your own piece of dirt. Angie an I get a lot of satisfaction from our plants. It is a very tranquil hobby.

My interests now . . .

picking up the guitar again
getting my transmitter up and running for morse code

Acryic and latex house paint

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vase 27" tall. wheel thrown

Do you have trouble with your eyesight? Sorry, no answer necessary.

When I was growing up, cornhole was slang for anal sex. We didn’t have tournaments though.

Sounds like fun.

Lmao. Same here. Aiii, this younger generation! I also don’t understand why good eyesight would be important.

I think there are 35 teams in it. Winning team gets a $100 cornhole board.

My vision is generally worse, when I don’t sleep enough. It’s usually fine. I don’t have any 3 ams scheduled for a while.

Let us know how the tourney went.

I had a good time with good people, but tournament was very disappointing. Apparently, last year it was a round Robin, so everybody played at least 5 games. People complained that it took 3 hours. This year, it was single elimination and there were professional cornhole players. I’m not kidding. I didn’t know it was a real sport. Anyways, we were actually ahead 4-0 but ended up losing 21-4. It was a good thing I liked the people there. People complained that they stayed late at work for 2 hours to play a 10 minute game. They did serve pizza.

Sounds like you at least had a good partner.

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Yes. She was thankfully as noncompetitive as me.

Rule#1: Never stand behind a cornhole board.