There is no privacy online. It is a myth.

I like privacy.

Privacy is generally just an excuse to do bad things. Either way, it is on its last legs.

Then I suppose you have to make it too scary to look.

I think you’d be surprised at just how much of a freak show people are willing to look at.

Yes I would probably be surprised at the how much people allow in compared to what they demand.

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Speaking of privacy, when I can expect another private phone conversation with you? Is there hope?

I’ve told you many times that you’re welcome to call, Mark. I am in Colombia, though, so the phone service is spotty. It’s a bit late now so not tonight, please.

Tomorrow then friend, I’ll try a few times. Nothing insane, just an update on my finances and work situation and open for critique on other things if time.

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I’ll try the other number today later. Church is still suspended in its services correct…so maybe that time or later should not be interrupting anything.

Reggie I need to be your #1 here.

Our phone conversations are not being monitored right? I did leave a message the other day, I don’t know if you got it.
When is a good time to drop a line today?

I don’t know if my phone calls are monitored. Wouldn’t surprise me down here. Evenings are best, Mark.

We are still in the same zone.

No, I’m two hours ahead of you. Just google “current time in Colombia”.

Well, then won’t have to wait in suspense for so long.

Ok yes drew the vertical lines on the map. 2 hours advanced.

We’re actually in eastern time here, but being at the equator, we don’t do daylight savings time. That’s why it’s only 2 hours, not 3.


I see.

That was very educational. You are a good teacher.