I am trying to move my media consumption away from Youtube and more toward podcasts. I’ve tried this before but it lapsed over time. Do any of you have any you’d care to recommend? Preferably not having to do with movies.

I used to load up on tons of podcasts when I had an ipod shuffle. I still have it and think I will find it and do it again. I was listening to language podcasts. Radiolingua had a ton of free short lesson language phrases. I learned several languages good enough to speak basic phrases and order food give directions etc and then totally forgot them.

I went to a bookstore and bought a laminated fold up 6 page spanish language chart just recently.
My brain used to get scrambled like eggs when somebody would speak a language in my ear.

I can make crazy accents and be quite elaborate and eloquent, but it is a fast processor burnout to me. Then I can’t recall anything. Languages come across as scrambled to me when people speak them. Like they speak in shorthand.

Radiolingua was gentle and didn’t scramble my brains.

Language barriers are like diamond hard to me.

Maybe you should learn another very similar language to a popular language. Like sicillian vs italian or portuguesevs castilian.
I have known of people who have learned different languages just to train dogs. Also you won’t need radio codes for free speak.

If you want, we could choose one language podcast every week or two and then have a phone call or virtual meeting and hit the language really hard between each other and so what falls from the tree so to speak.

I currently must be having a broca’s area issue as I have no word bank or atm functions for listening/perceiving. Sometimes I dont need to translate what is spoken to me to understand, but it has been hit to hard or is inaccessible.

I found a lot of entertaining magic podcasts too.