Plumbing in the andes

consumed by grief, no doubt

based on something i read on the internet(est. reading time 5 minutes)

my big nancy would have wanted it that way
can i be unkind in this thread?

He talked with her for an hour, so he has a better feeling if he thinks she is right than someone that read an article for 5 minutes.

It is sad that the police were called for help and ended up killing him. If a vet has ptsd, perhaps showing up with 6 guys with weapons is not the best solution. Especially outside. It’s not like there was a hostage situation.

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it says in the 5 minute read that she didn’t know anything until it was over
talk to her all day
maybe tweet her too
so what?

in the five minute read you see what he said on the hotline was alarming enough to notify cops
they should have sent an unarmed lab tech to deal with the guy with a gun?
don’t ask me how i know, but
six cops show up when maybe i did something that ten would have been better

He had a gun. It was documented that he made threatening comments on the phone and told them “if the police get called, there’s going to be blood.” They didn’t pursue the option to bring in a clinician because of the gun. They also begged for 20 minutes.

it’s true
i have lived without plumbing
i have been with many women
but i denied them my essence

no attribution
that was from dr strangelove