Pit Bulls

sickly sweet clip and music lol there must be a pitbull in all of those animals :wink:

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Brilliant! UK gets one right!

EDIT: It would be good if countries started to force sterilization of this dangerous breed.

not taking away the pain done by these careless dog owners… but this is typical hysterical ridiculous hypocritical political panic behaviour

if only people would get so “outraged” about all the unnecessary and preventable deaths with far greater numbers like “accidents” in traffic/drunk drivers, fatal accidents in unsafe houses, food poisoning, people tripping over garbage in the streets, people with mental issues jumping in front of trains or off a building etc etc…

it would be a better idea to consider sterilisation for people that think that way

No need to sterilize the Dutch. They stopped breeding years ago. Except their Muslims, of course. The Islamic Republic of the Netherlands is only a few decades away.

lol thats very unlikely, since muslims only make up for about 5% of our population right now (and its not growing, unlike the group of no religious denomination 55%)
also the majority of muslims that live here have embraced the dutch lifestyle and (a lot of) our values and would be imprisoned or worse in strict islamic republics lol

so sure ok if the netherlands should ever become mostly islamic i think it will still be very tolerant/liberal and a great example for all other islamic republics lol

That’s interesting. I googled to see why. “On August 1, 2019, a ban on face coverings was implemented, making a full veil illegal on public transport and in schools, hospitals and government buildings.” Well done, Dutchmen.

yes was funny since quickly after people were told to wear masks in the same locations because of corona lol
they dont enforce the rule, so i dont think it had much impact? ah lol not even 1 single arrest or fine according to this article:

a recent rule that police cant wear any visible religious symbols caused even less commotion: