I have been binge-watching this German physicist for a few days. She’s very brilliant.

I’ve watched three of her videos and disagree with her logic in two of them. She is not brilliant but she does make an important point here. These people conduct their tests but fail to admit where their failure was/is. Intellectual preachiness is their brand. Word salads to avoid addressing what they are practicing. Instead, they just conduct more complicated, bigger and more dangerous tests. They play God while denying His existence.

Here’s how this woman explained the way science views the existence of God.

“Science can only label Gods existence as a “religious existence.” That’s not true. Science “chooses” to identify God as only a religious existence.

Gods existence is spiritual. He is Spirit and anyone who prays to Him prays in spirit and truth. Scientists don’t pray.

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perhaps you should find a priest you can agree with

Perhaps you should agree more and I would call you a priest.

that sentence needs a comma
i only mention it cuz reg is a stickler for such things

Yours need a period and space between sentences. I only mention that because Reg is a stickler for those things also.

Reg doesn’t care at all. If others want to look illiterate, I have no objection.

0:40 “If you want to defend such beliefs, you are in the wrong channel. Goodbye.” lol.

Oh, right. Absolutely. That would be humiliating.

there are more things under heaven and earth
than are mentioned in your articles, Horatatio59%!

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I love this. Turns Out Erwin Schrödinger, the Father of Quantum Physics, Was a Pedophile. This type of thing forces us to examine society’s newfound puritanical obsessions. We keep going back in time and applying current moral standards to previous times, which is obviously absurd. The prophet Mohammed was also a pedophile by these standards. One of Jane Austen’s main characters was a 40 something who chased and eventually won a 16 year old. We need to wrap our minds around the fact that previous generations did not think as this generation does on the topic of sex/marriage with girls under 18.

I’m surprised he had time.

excuse me
i recently made a breakthrough in faster-than-light travel
is this where i should post the math?

Are you serious? Previous generations had the same law as we have today. The only difference is that, today, men are being held accountable because well, judgment is coming down on the whole world.

When the wicked spring up like grass, And all the workers of iniquity flourish, it is that they may be destroyed forever.
Psalm 92: 7

This is why we have to be ready, because they are flourishing and the whole world can see their growth.

he wasn’t the father of anything, much less quantum theory
bohr has a better claim to that title
reggie clicks on some repackaged news from 1989 that says he was
he then repeats the claim that he was father to quantum physics
he should stick to posting watches

the berlin wall came down in 1989
click on it!

the berlin wall was the father of walls

einstein came up with light quanta in 1905
he then resisted the implications for the rest of his life
and he married his cousin
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