Petra Laszlo


Remember this chick? She just got acquitted.

Here’s the original video:


Seems just. Should not be jailed for that act. Hopefully, her career was ruined. I would imagine so.


There was no talk of jail. She initially got probation. I agree with the original conviction for disorderly conduct and the sentence of probation.


Yes. And I would have fired her for that act.


No trick or treaters. First time I have owned a house on halloween. It is Wednesday. I have too much candy here.


lol. It’s one advantage of having an apartment.


lol yes.


We ended up with zero. 198 pieces of candy left.


I just talked to my woman in Colombia. We got about 20 there.

I doubt your candy will keep for next year. I can’t see you eating crap. You look slim and healthy.


True. It will be donated.