This is a good thing. Americans need to realize Obama is stripping us of our rights.


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Oh . . Infowars again.

My God, how gullible you are.

This time more gullible than usual. Michele, if you look at the photo in your post, you will see a man labeled “Steve Jobs”. He died in 2011. This picture is from a decade ago. You really should try not to take Inforwars or Alex Jones too seriously.

Obama has no power over your rights you dumbass.

Good! That shuts all news sources out.

Listen here, Dick! Unless you are following that focker around, you don’t really know what power he holds.

Didn’t you just say Obama and trump don’t affect your life, like 3 days ago?

I did but if you recall, we were talking about changes in marijuana laws, Dan.

Yeah, because your gliberal fake media won’t report on it. Get it?

“Former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) warned against the left’s push to censor opposing perspectives. Gabbard accused Democrat Adam Schiff and Big Tech companies of trying to undermine constitutional rights and impose a “KGB style surveillance.”
She went on to call these entities “domestic enemies.”
Paul detailed a number of instances while speaking on the Senate floor Tuesday, including when a supporter of far-left Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-Vt.) attempted to kill Rep. Steve Scalise (R-La.) and others back in 2017.
He said the shooter “fervently believed the false and inflammatory rhetoric being spewed by Sanders about health care.”

did tulsi get a sex change in the middle of that ramble?

Another trip down memory lane. We should do this every day. I mean, we do it every day but not with Obama.

Rumor has it, Obama, a human cancer, is moving to Kenya in June. The simple, but well-defined role he is playing in destroying America, from his pristine dungeon, is shameful. Don’t forget to bow down and praise him when you defend his guilty innocence.

Disgusting. I wonder if they rate and share their glorified pedophilia with each other.

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I’m just sharing this here so I can say I did my part lol.