New Year Resolutions 2020

Post 'em if you’ve got 'em.


  1. I’d like to be below 80 kilos, so the first number should be a 7. I’d be happy with 79.9 kilos. I have about 8 to go.

  2. I’d like to buy a property in Colombia. Not sure where exactly but maybe Sabaneta. I’m not sure about Cartagena although it’s certainly beautiful. Cartagena is like having a stunning girlfriend who has some really irritating traits (as most stunning women do). Click here to see my photo album from Cartagena if you’re interested.

  3. Things are stable with the woman to my amazement. Actually, they’re better than they’ve ever been. I hope that can continue and plan to work to that end.

  4. I want to get my new Cloudmakers business off the ground. It’s been two years in development. Time to get it live. No excuses this year.

What is cloudmakers?

It’s a business I have using AI to get people followers on Instagram and other social networks. I’m selling vanity. If it works, it’ll be a beautiful business as I can do it from anywhere. My laptop will be my office.

You should delete this blog. It is nothing but insults to your person and slander.

I resolve to do nothing different. I will continue in my no good ways and see if I can make it another year. Maybe play more music. I ordered a ukulele. Should get here thursday.

It’s not a blog, Mark, it’s a topic in an open forum. Insults to my person and slander haven’t yet occurred but the night is young.

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And Will is feeling good.

It’s already the new decade where you are. Mark and I still have 2 more hours to wait on the west coast.

See? I’m already older than you guys. Even more.

The business idea is awesome.

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I should take better care of myself. I actually take better care of myself than most.

My resolution is to start making my own ice melt with rubbing alcohol, hot water and dish soap.

We might get an elliptical. I had gotten a recumbent bike which was a dud so I sent it back. Not exactly sure where this is going to go. That’s my only question. Kind of a big one.

I mean big question. Not big elliptical.

I use ellipticals also treadmills. Some treadmills out now with a bunch of rollers and curved shape you can run at max speed.

Maybe you should get a pull up bar you can install anywhere due to your weight and a heavy bag. Become a boxer and train on your own. I use jump rope for sets. Better confidence and skills you might need.

Pullup bar in the basement is a good idea. Getting some electrical work done soon so I’ll probably wait until after inspection before I do.

You can put it anywhere I’m sure you have seen plenty of door mounts. Some L sit bars you can stack up for dips maybe some push up handles and some kettlebells. Don’t automate yourself away. Really I would just dance if I were you or do some repeated fancy footwork or boxer steps. For the whole 2020 before you get into somethign else. Lots of jump rpe tricks dance steps boxing footwork then reinvent yourself in 2021 with somehting different. Hell even drop yoga totally and then take it up again. I hate missing yoga but then I notice how so many things of me are missing.

Tap dancing would have been a good way to spend new years day. But I don’t suppose you own tap shoes or know how to tap. Any bowling lanes open where you are? It is just too intimidating to me now like chess is.