New Year 2020/2021/2022

Happy New Year

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Happy New Year, Michele! You should post your resolutions in the other thread.

Happy New Year Michele.

Just woke up. It’s noon. No serious hangover to my surprise, but the usual post-drunkeness weakness. I hope you’re all feeling the same.

I feel fine. You just need to build up your tolerance.

Or drink less.

have a wonderful 2020 everyone!

I don’t realty have any resolutions beyond what I have already spoken about.
Happy New Year, Reg.

Happy New Year, Will.

happy new year, thinkinaboutit

dont laugh at me for copying you im trying to think small this year;) it’s probably not going to work out as it seems to be a lot of work for little reward

Happy New Year Thinki !

Happy New Year, Pete.

Looking forward to 2022!!! Let’s go!

have a wonderful 2021 everyone!

you are skipping 2021? lol

bit late but i have to comment about you trying “to think small this year”, surely if you really wanted to do that you would have skipped more letters in my name…

I am lol.

ah nice, you got a skipping rope for xmas!

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Happy New Year. May it be better than the one before it.

Happy New Year. A year without trump (mostly).


yayy its the first day of 2010 and i think i might already have insulted one of my neighbours lol happy new years!

they came by to offer me one of their “delicious” selfmade oliebollen!

uhm no thank you kindly i dont like greasy dough or raisins

ah no worries, we will go make some for you without raisins!!

sighs thanks anyways and happy new years!, closing door

It is nice to see you are as unpleasant and socially repugnant in person as you are online.