New Mobile Site

If you haven’t tried the new BBAD on your phone, you should. It wasn’t bad before but it’s way better now.

Thanks Reg. It’s nice and blue.

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I figured out the POM and the News. The site will be unreliable tonight as I implement them.

It will also not be blue anymore. lol.

besides having to login again, it looks the same as always to me

Yes, well, it is. I tried a drastically different thing and ended up hating it (it was too much like Twitter) so I just abandoned it and made the new one look like the old one. lol. It’s unfortunate as the other one had a better mobile site.

Anyway, it works now. The old site broke on the last update. This one is all new, on the latest LTS version of Ubuntu, and if I upgrade it to 24.04 in April or May, it should go another five years without too much fussing.

I can return to my plan that I talked about earlier where I try Mastodon, which should get us access to 5 million users, although it will feel like Twitter. I can see having (this site, pretty much unchanged),, and (Twitter but federated), all available from a main page at without a lot of other content.

Facebook turned down my BBAD ads saying we’re competing with them, which is a bit of a joke as they have 2 billion active users. I might try Bing ads. I hope the ham radio people start coming in April. We’ll see.

lol ok… as long as you are enjoying yourself :wink:

Yes, I enjoy creating web things.