New car, well not quite

I’ve had a company car (Subaru Outback) at my disposal since I arrived back in Aussie. With other plans ahead, I decided to buy me a car. It’s a Holden Equinox, it has more grunt than the Subaru, the infoentertainment and dash layout stuff is easier to navigate and more efficient to use. It also has a couple of safety add ons I like. It’s much bigger inside and economical. Low km and ex fleet, also comes with bum warming seats and I love it!

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Oh and it was cheap :slight_smile:

congrats… i dont care about cars, but i do like the red ribbon!

I don’t love subarus. Good in the winter, though.

I’ve never heard of the Holden Equinox. We have the Chevy Equinox. My atepmother in law has one. I don’t know anything about the Holden Equinox, but I’d probably take it over her car.

I love it. I thought Holden had died but that was obviously wrong.

Nice car. I noticed it rated well. 7.7 overall. You should enjoy driving it.