I believe we should explore this subject. I want to know if I have this mental health issue. I’m even willing to dissect every characteristic of a narcissistic person. I’ll go find a website that touches on narcissistic behavior. Brb…If I get blocked from this page upon return, you can all know God is exposing narcissistic behavior.

This is interesting. There are 17 points in this article. Can you believe that? 17 Wow! And I only read up to number 11 before I just knew I had to post this one. And I just want to go through each one individually. Don’t you? I love this place. It’s so…educational.

“There are some individuals out there who are all but impossible to get along with. Their arrogance causes them to see themselves as all but infallible while everyone else deserves to be criticized intensely. These individuals are known as narcissists, and it’s very likely you know at least one. Narcissists are manipulative and can learn to cover up their nature when someone is first getting to know them, though over time, they will often reveal their true selves. Should you feel like someone is emotionally abusing you or is unable to take any criticism, you might be dealing with a narcissist. These are some signs of a narcissist.”

They Have A Sense Of Entitlement

“A key aspect of narcissists is they have a sense of entitlement. Everyone deserves things like equal protection under the law, but narcissists are particularly entitled. If they don’t get their way, they become upset, because, in a narcissist’s mind, the world is supposed to revolve around them. Positive moments in life are positive because they’re entitled to them. Negative moments aren’t supposed to happen to them. The world isn’t going to be fair for everyone, but narcissists can believe this is a personal slight against them and not just a matter of bad luck or unfortunate circumstances. When one can’t begin to understand the concept of rolling with the punches, they’re likely a narcissist.”

How many of you know someone like that? We have an entire generation of young adults who feel entitled. Unfortunately, for my part in that, the responsibility falls on the parents for creating little inward ravenous monsters through whatever method of child rearing. Weather spoiling them with material objects or unrealistic, over the top, petting of a child that creates a sense of greaterness than ones peers. Either can inflate ones false expectation that the world owes them something.

They Expect To Be Admired

“Narcissists don’t just want to be admired; they expect to be admired. Compliments don’t just make them feel good. They also fuel them. If a narcissist isn’t being showered with praise, they can become agitated. Their existence is implied to be some sort of immaculate gift others must recognize.”

“Conversely, their need for admiration means they will reject criticism outright. Narcissists are incredibly concerned with their self-image, but they won’t accept any kind of advice. Bitter feelings grow larger until they consume the narcissist entirely. To a narcissist, they are not the ones who need to change, but the rest of the world is.”

I don’t know. This could be me. Gross. I hope not.

They Exaggerate Their Life

“To give narcissists some credit, they’re excellent dramatists, and they can turn the most mundane details of their lives into the most outrageous, unbelievable stories. These are often too good to be true, because they’re actually lies. Their need to impress causes narcissists to stretch the truth or omit facts to fit their narrative better. It’s a defense mechanism that makes it difficult for narcissists to form trustworthy relationships. Real friends don’t judge you based on your failures, but narcissists will think their self-worth is determined by their ability to recount successes. It can work for them too, until they get caught in a lie and have to explain themselves. The more narcissists exaggerate their life, the weaker the grasp they have on reality is.”

Oh my. I actually used to live near someone like this. He would tell a story and then twist parts of it for entertainment value. He was a short man and I always felt he had “Little Man Syndrome” because of the way he inflated stories.

They Believe They Are Superior

Let that sink in…

“Confidence is a quality everyone should strive towards. However, there is a difference between having faith in yourself and knowing your strengths and believing you are number one at everything. Narcissists let their egos get the best of them, and they always believe they are superior. Their superiority complex causes them to think anyone who dares criticize or challenge them is delusional. If a narcissist faces any obstacles, they’ll try to find faults with the system. Getting through to narcissists can be difficult because they are convinced their supposed superiority protects them from criticism. Narcissists view themselves as immortal, while everyone else is merely human.”

It’s worth noting that narcissistic people answer to no authority Higher than themselves, knowing full well that He exists and that by saying He doesn’t exist makes the Higher Authority a liar in the narcissistic persons heart. Justifying not only blame but also complete ignorance as an intellectual view.

They Take Advantage Of Others And Lack Empathy

“Narcissists are a danger to others as well as themselves. Getting to know a narcissist can be difficult as they take advantage of others and lack empathy. Shows of kindness will be preyed upon, as narcissists see generosity as something they can exploit. A relationship with a narcissist doesn’t follow what a healthy relationship is supposed to be. Narcissists believe relationships are a matter of power, and if they feel their power is being thwarted, they’ll become hostile. Empathy is a challenge for narcissists because they have a hard time putting themselves in another individual’s shoes (or even cannot do so). To a narcissist, everything must be catered to their demands and be based on their perspective.”

How many of you have fallen prey to this kind of person? Not me. I’m too smart. Hahaha.

They Live In A Fantasy World

“To put it simply, many individuals who have narcissistic tendencies or have been diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder are typically delusional and choose to live in their own fantasy world rather than in reality, since real life does not support their grandiose view of themselves. This fantasy world of theirs tends to revolve around distortion of the truth, self-deception, and magical thinking as they believe in these self-glorifying illusions they have about themselves involving success, wealth, power, attractiveness, intelligence, and love that makes them feel in control and special. Unfortunately, these fantasies are just a mask to protect the narcissist from their feelings of inner emptiness and shame, therefore, any facts or opinions that contradict them are either ignored or rationalized to meet their perspective on things. Anything that threatens to destroy their fantasy bubble is often met with rage and defensiveness as well, which can turn into violence if the narcissist feels threatened enough.”

Hmmm…I did not know that. It sort of makes you feel like your in the mind of a narcissist, doesn’t it? lol I mean really. It’s “their world” we are entering. Ssscary…lol

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