Oh look. There’s a “new” NAFTA agreement. Except it’s the old agreement. Trump caved on every major demand and signed, including the dispute resolution system he swore he’d get rid of. Canada knew that Trump couldn’t afford to go into the November elections without a deal so they just held out, delaying and delaying until Trump caved and signed.

The fat orange idiot will now declare victory and go back to watching Fox News report what a great negotiator he is.

Are you sure it’s the old agreement? Because I’m thinking there is more to it than what you are posting.

I think I’ll go fact check your claim.

It’s not exactly the old agreement. They renamed it. They changed some trivial conditions that amount to a tiny fraction of the deal. All the main points Canada wanted have all been agreed to, including the dispute resolution mechanism that Trump swore he would never agree to.

And yes, you should check my facts. You should check facts more often.

I did and NAFTA was created in 94’ before technology.

I told you, everyone will get something.

We didn’t get something. We got everything. Absolutely every single major thing we demanded. Trump caved like the coward he is because he didn’t want to go into the November elections without a deal. Now, unsurprisingly, he is already declaring victory on Twitter.

I’m so happy for you! I do see we aren’t getting a lot, at least, from what I just read but we did get a little more access to dairy. I’m not unhappy about it.

Now I see why I always have to revert back to Fox for reliable news.

I was overjoyed to learn the tariffs will stay in place.

So I don’t really understand part of what we got and I don’t like part of it but this is what I took from Fox News.

Auto production starts at 63% in North America and goes to 75%

New implementation of financial services

Provides provisions to protect U.S. digital services and intellectual property.

More Canadian dairy access for farmers

Advanced protections for workers

Steel and aluminum tariffs remain in place.