This strikes me as nonsense. There was no effort at genocide that I can see. The Independent Commission of Inquiry assigned to investigate found no evidence of genocide. This silly court, however, decided that the matter is so urgent that provisional measures must be taken.


It might not be Suu Kyi’s words that are getting her into trouble similar to Maria Ressa. It might just be the CO2/O2/CO exchange rate. Stop. That’s all. Nothing more.

The United States shouldn’t intervene. Myanmar has an excuse to militarize that does not require China’s permission or approval. A southeast asian coalition will not come easy and every country will have to prove itself to each other that despite differences the are more similar to each other than they are to Chinese Rule. This also means strength and independence.

Agreed. Sanctions, perhaps. Military, no way.

Why? For Suu Kyi? I think has to demonstrate she is capable of no favorable bias towards feminists and lgbt first. To give fair and equal judgement, assessment, gravitas, and weight to somebody to whom none of the aforementioned apply and not to force a label or conformity to such to be acknowledged first.

If she is not capable of doing that, she should not be in power. Let the military preserve the country and its survival.

Remember she calls for protests. What’s the agenda?

If Trump had won, we wouldn’t be intervening or going to war with anyone. I hope you don’t complain too loudly.

Perhaps Biden will send her to Guantanamo and make Marjorie Taylor Greene her personal guard. They can exchange conspiracy theories.

Oh so if she cooperates military intervention should be considered but if not, let the Malaysian militarily do their bidding? That’s a win win for anyone who puts their faith in the military. What can go wrong?

Shouldn’t you limit your opinions to your countries of ancestry?

Is that a new BBAD rule you created?

I thought you wanted to come off more cold, cruel, hurtful, bullying and racist here.

Where on earth did you get that crazy thought?

At least trump is gone.

I think Kim Jong Un might be dead too. This person offers a good explanation about how China may have done it. The theory is fake body doubles and CGI. Also the sister removed because both were pro U.S.

They cite the pot belly as evidence of slow poisoning. Maybe it was to cover a drug addiction they also mentioned in his appearance.

Maybe there is truth but every Asian country is watching one another on how they stand up to China.

Maybe it is just a story for him to get through some recovery program for his eating, exercise, and drug addiction or drug poisoning. Maybe it was stimulants and lots of food indulgence.

Maybe it’s a conspiracy theory.

Maybe you are an oompa loompa looking to fit your body in somewhere.

Maybe you’re a pervert, obsessing about other peoples’ body’s.