Muting Users


I would hate for you to climax early lol


Oh patriotic one


Why don’t you show your bravery?


Trussst Me!




Thank you, Lord!


I love you Lord! With my whole heart and soul and mind. I love you above everything


Lord, you are my witness. They will not speak for fear I will kill them. lol If it be your will, open their mouths before Sunday. In Jesus’ Name.


Thank you, Lord!


My negative energy won’t stop until yours does.


But then, apparently, you are both perverts in your mind


Where is everyone else? No one else came forward


Where is Dan?


You’re not going to get any peace until I get an apology. And brother it will come from the heart or I will know it.


I kinda feel like Will is suckin Reg’s tit. lol


You know what that makes ya…couple of queens! lol


I’m going to leave you with your thoughts lol


There’s been an emergency


You queens still at it? lol


…2 weeks not showing up on bbad and all disorder breaks lose.
It almost seems as if you need a person like me observing to maintain GERMAN ORDER on board.

I thought you wanted to go deep inside yourself and shun bbad, Michelle, now what I see could be almost be considered as “spamming”.