Muting Users

If you don’t want to receive notifications about a particular user, you can click on preferences (shown below) and then notifications, and add whoever you want to “Muted Users”.


Are you muting me?

Yes. Muting means I can still see your posts but I won’t receive notifications that you have posted.

That’s a false mute

It’s what we have. I didn’t write this software.

If you were truly going to mute me you would get me out of your head and you would hurry about it lol

So what’s the point in muting notification?

I don’t want to get 200 emails a day.

oh Nice

What did you just do you dirty little eavesdropper

So strange. The Lord must have muted you for me lol

I get no email notifications

But I saw your face pop up while I was texting

Do you like watching?

Because I’m getting a vibe lol

It’s almost lunch time

I hope you remember me when you eat lol

Thanks for the tip Reg. Now my email is clean again and I can just zip past her posts and not waste my time.

Yes. I hope she’s ok. It’s like she’s gone stark howling-at-the-moon mad.

I’ve never been better and thank you for sharing your heart. I almost thought you cared.