Mr. Jones

I can be impulsive. Recently I have been lusting after fast cars. I could swing something like a Challenger R/T Scat Pack or a Mustang GT but it would lock up a lot of funds for a few years. I have a respectable vehicle now. It would be my last hurrah. I get these urges and usually they pass. Hopefully this one will too.

I hope that passes, too. lol.

It passed. In the cold hard light of day.

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Speaking for myself, the lure of material things and toys is largely gone, at least for now. The lure of seeing new places and experiencing different things is still there for me but will likely pass with a bit more age.

I think at this point I will try to stash away as much as possible. We’ll see.

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That’s my plan. You might die later today in which case your problems are over. The trouble is you might live another 20 years. Best to be prepared.

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man i wish i was beautiful

not a chance

show us your face

image \


has it stopped working for you?
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but now you need more?
imagine my face