Most Popular Baby Names

Here are the most popular baby names in BC. I hate them all. I would never burden a child with any of those horrible names. Especially Liam or Theodore. Horrible names. God BC people have no taste in baby names.

  1. Olivia
  2. Liam
  3. Oliver
  4. Noah
  5. Lucas
  6. Emma
  7. Theodore
  8. Benjamin
  9. Ethan
  10. Charlotte

at least your list doesnt contain names like vaccina or corona…

are you thinking of adopting a little regina?

God no. I would not want to raise a child in this world. I get that it’s a good world. It is evolving as the species has chosen to evolve. It is not my way, however, and I find the direction it has taken to be ugly and unappealing. Let the Dutch populate the next generation with nonbinary genderfluids. I want no part of it.

lol but you could indoctrinate/educate the kid with all your nonsense/wisdom and make the world a little better?

First, you have to care. Then you can do your bit to improve the world. I’m still working on the first part.

yes! and little regina would probably fix that fault in you…

Little Regina probably started life as Reg Jr. and announced at age 11 that he was actually a girl and wanted to wear dresses and cut off his weenie. No, I will leave this for the Dutch. They love that kind of stuff.

have some faith in your own indoctrination/teaching skills! and you could use some duct tape to fix that pee pee situation

Blame yourself for that. Globalists dictate how the world functions.

He can’t even indoctrinate his cat.

When you grow up and have achieved full care, what will you then do to improve upon the world? I’m only asking because it seems pretty perfect the way it was created.


so the world is good enough for you
and good enough for a cat
but not good enough for a human child?
why not just say “i would not want to raise a child” and leave the world out of it?

the earnest of being important

Good point.

Because it is this world I don’t want to raise a child in. If things were different and more to my liking, I would be much more inclined to raise a child.

I agree, Reg. Failure is not an option and in this world, failure is certain.

its all in the perception, failure can be interpreted as a lesson learned or even as a motivation to do better

people do what they want
they come up with a reason after the fact
that’s what people do
are you a people?

people been shaking heads over the state of the world since people have been having babies.
some of them had babies.
everybody had their reasons
everybody except me
i got excuses

so you made a morally responsible decision not to raise children in -
excuse while i hyphenate embolden italicize “this world”
everybody that did raise children is not as informed as you
i get that
i keep up
god bless the child that’s got his own
children should be raised with cell phones, cars, bikes, and dancing robots
what could go wrong?

I made no claim this was a moral decision. It was a decision of personal preference and nothing more. I don’t like this world and would not enjoy raising children in it, so I won’t.

This is true, and I’m as guilty of head shaking as anyone, but this is really just a personal choice. I like a lot of things about Toronto but I don’t live there because it’s cold and people drive everywhere. No hate. No head shaking. No moralizing. Just not my choice for a place to live.

I don’t want to have children in this society because it has chosen to try to blur the distinctions between individuals. There is no gender, there is no race, we are all equal. Again, no hate. Just not my preference. I actually think society will eventually succeed in going down this path with the aid of tech and people like me will become obsolete (if we aren’t already). I don’t have to like it, though.

Lowerre- “He jests at scars that never felt a wound”