I’ve been spending a lot of time lately thinking about the purpose of life. If there is one, I don’t know of it. If there isn’t one, this treadmill we’re all on seems quite pointless.


I should note, I am neither clinically depressed nor suicidal. Just questioning.

Yeah, I don’t get it either.

The purpose is inner Exodus, goys.
Go away from the world, go away from the world. Let it have its own way.

I don’t think we ever will. Thankfully, somehow homosapiens came about around 200000 years ago and are still around. Certainly not as long as dinosaurs and my guess considering 200000 is such a short amount of time in the life of the universe and I believe in other intelligent life, there is no point. Sorry, lol. I’m glad we have all we do. Quite lucky. One thing most beings seem to have in common is a will to survive. Imagine all the horrible things homosapiens did for us to be here.


@IshChadash, that might be the worst song ever posted here. lol.

Your purpose this very moment, dear friend, is causing a big broad smile in my face.
Welcome back to the Seekers, Reg. Before Exodus, there is inner exodus.

I am thankful for your post because it causes me to do less crap online and instead to, once again, trying to focus. And I am thankful for You this very moment.

I won’t let you guys go without book mentioned within this interesting video about strategic (not extreme) separation:

for sale @2 ZOGbux on Amazon

@5:00 (German/French)

This book is to be considered as Volxpflicht, if not REICHSPLFICHT!


@1:00:00 Russell D. Moore - onward

There is also controversial!!! Anastasia Festival somewhere in Germany coming. I am late to register as always… Circumcision is re-planned in autumn. Gotta visit relatives, too, and maintain my constant search of a wife to be fruitful and multiply. The hell jew’r talking, this life is FULL of purposes. Thanks again for the reminder in mellow times.

Things are getting increasingly interesting and steamingly hot more and more…

Save jewr eternal souls, guys and goys. Don’t let kali yuga get You down.

Total victory!

I feel personally insulted. This is RAHOWA. I bought the full album.
This song is great. I have been listening to it all day, GundaInDisguise

Sometimes I envy religious people. I think of religion as a sport. They make up a set of contrived rules and if they play the game of life within these rules, they win their game. Their rules are often as silly as putting a ball through a metal hoop but since millions consider that to be a matter of importance, who’s to say believing in a fictional character isn’t?

Unfortunately for those of us who think neither is important, we are left with only our egos and our survival instincts to keep us from jumping off the nearest bridge.

What the hell? You’re going to snip off your foreskin now? As an adult?

Why not? Other Youtubers are introducing vibrators and other stuff into their urethra just for quote-unquote “fun”.
It’s only an alignment measure. Like a defectous airplane in the mayday-airplane crash series, one who hasn’t yet found his runway to land due to the misty air, should use the remaining time to align myself to runways of choice, narrow down the choices, always checking height and heading and possible runways to land, prepare everything for a crash landing, prepare for the final dropping of surplus fuel, so it won’t be an obstacle at the time of final choice.

Um, you’re f’n crazy but whatever, it’s your weenie. Have fun. Don’t post pics.

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:heart: ❥How about a free virtual hug :heart: ❥ ?? (#noHomo)

Thanks again for the post! It really lifted me up!

@19:00 Go away from the world: We cannot give to the world what we do not have.

I’m glad it helped you. I’m sure with your aryan courage you could do the circumcision yourself.


Ehhm😳 , well😳 , mmmhmmm, not soooo much though. To be honest, I am trying to get over it, so this “little obstacle” won’t be in the way of me joining a fringe group that might have the spontaneous idea to do it “the rough way” or without state-of-the art equipment in a hurry.

:flushed: :flushed: :flushed:

Omg, you are going to cut your cockskin off so you can join a cult that requires that as a rite of passage?

This is so embarrassing, thank god BBAD is more or less “anonymous”

What did you think I am doing it for!?!?! For Pornhub-fun?
Of course I checked the “cult” FAQ of cults of choice and let’s say those of my choice neither require it, nor require it done by a special person, but surely encourage you to do so, if not done so as a child. And since none of the groups condem it, it is an easy bet.

Damn, thankfully we got this topic out of the way…

Sometimes I really love this place. lol