Yesterday I attempted to micro-dose mushrooms. (Yes, there is a reason for it) Unfortunately, I didn’t know that tiny mushroom, no bigger than an inch in length and the size of a pencil eraser, was packed with so much power. The goal was to feel more euphoric but still be able to concentrate. I couldn’t really concentrate on anything because everything I viewed was funny and I had uncontrollable giggles. I hope I didn’t offend anyone or get overly silly. After everyone leaves tonight I may try again. If I do, I’ll probably have to test it here. (Fair warning)
The great thing about these mushrooms is that they make me feel alive and with them, I may not need marijuana. The problem with that is marijuana has a substance in it for inflammation. The good thing about that is that turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties as well. :heart_eyes: It probably means nothing to anyone else but it’s a breakthrough for me.

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if it makes you happy, iam happy for you;)

ps might be wise to lock up your guns and sharp things before you experiment lol

Contrary to popular belief, I am happy.

I couldn’t pick myself up off the floor so I was no threat to guns or sharp things.

Does your pastor approve of your use of marijuana and psychotropic/hallucinogenic mushrooms? Are you not a self-professed Christian, right-wing, gun-touting nut-job, who supported Trump? Oh the hypocrisy…I am SO shocked. Grab your own kitty-cat next?

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I don’t know. Does the Bible say for me to ask my pastor how to medicate?

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Blessed is one who doesn’t condemn himself in what he approves. What have I done wrong?

No, not at all. Why would I do that when WILL’s over-pride-filled penis in your tiny little under-developed mouth is more than enough entertainment for me.

Do not take my name in vain you right wing trash hole.

Why? Were you planning something noble with it?

So I’m micro-dosing this morning. About half as much as the other day. I do think this is may be close to the right amount because I’m not giggling out of control even though some things you all have said have been somewhat funny. Anyway, I’m about to attempt driving. If I see something strange, I’m going to go back home, because I’m an irresponsible driver lol.

Interesting that you’re trying again. I tried marijuana once a few years ago and had a bad reaction. I never plan to try it again.

I suggest you drive very fast. Dare you to close your eyes.

I took your advice. What do you hope happened?

When I opened my eyes my life was very different.