Interesting 3d relief map. Both places I live are bumpy.

And cold half the time.

Vancouver is. Colombia is the same temperature year 'round.

The Justice Dept. is politicized by trump.

Disgraceful. It should be noted that Motorola Solutions is just the two-way radio company and has nothing to do with Motorola cell phones.

You can see on the map how they are walling the Palestinians in and how they will be cut off in the future.

I should have put this in the trump forum. Trump is now totally off the rails. Unconstrained. If this douchebag gets reelected you can kiss your first amendment rights goodbye. It will be grim indeed.

Absolutely. Blatant theft, supported by the UN, US, England and many other nations including mine.

I am more and more of the opinion this will happen. I really like Bernie but I’m not convinced he can beat Trump in the US because of your high percentage of RWNJs. In Canada or Europe, he’d win by a landslide but he’s not running there and half of the US is insane.