Many people

a group of people have hired me to think about nixon
i call them many people
i speak for them

at what point does bullshit turn into an old small detail?
i try to keep up, but i have a lawn to mow
i will try to fact check you in real-time, but i also have a dog to walk
and your bullshit is torrential

You completely trash this thread. I’m taking over.

I was reading Morning Brew and just wanted to share this really nice article and the Editors opinion.

Good morning. A popular piece of advice is to stop caring about what other people think because “no one is thinking about you.” Sounds great in theory, but…the truth is, everyone is thinking about you.

New research shows that people consistently underestimate how much others think about them following conversations. The study’s authors call this the “thought gap”—we are so consumed by our own reflections that we fail to consider that our conversation partners are doing the same thing.

These results jibe with another study about how people fail to recognize the extent to which others observe them in public. In other words, when it comes to people-watching, you are the people being watched. Someone on a park bench has almost certainly crafted an intricate backstory for you.

Freaked out a little? Don’t be. The final thing people underestimate, research shows, is how much others like them (aka the “liking gap”). So, if we were to tweak the advice at the top a bit, we should probably still not care what people think, and instead take comfort in knowing that people are actually thinking about us, most often in a positive light. Which is nice to know.

—Neal Freyman

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He just didn’t think about it before he jumped lol

reg endured countless bad photographs of food that silky posted
reg endures countless telegram and tiktok posts from gracie
he even clicks on them cuz reg likes clicking articles
tell him about farley mowat
he can’t endure that

Who didn’t?

Who doesn’t?

That’s because they are entertaining.

Who is Farley Mowat anyway?

Who can?

Here’s what I don’t like about talking to you. If I don’t tell you exactly what you expect me to say, you just ignore my reply all together. That’s the difference between you and Will. That’s what makes ignoring you easier.

I don’t know the context for reasons you know, but I can tell you that Farlay Mowat was a Canadian writer of some repute. I read one of his books once when I was a kid. Never Cry Wolf. It was silly nonsense but I enjoyed it at the time.

I’ll go read his Wikipage.

Mowat’s advocacy for environmental causesearned him praise, but his admission, after some of his books’ claims had been debunked, that he “never let the facts get in the way of the truth” [4] earned harsh criticism: “few readers remain neutral”.[2] Descriptions of Mowat refer to his “commitment to ideals” and “poetic descriptions and vivid images” as well as his strong antipathies, which provoke “ridicule, lampoons and, at times, evangelical condemnation”.

Seems like I read this the other day. I suppose I should read a book before speaking about him but I’m gathering that he was ridiculed for telling the truth? I don’t know what facts were debunked so I guess I can’t speak on it.

No, he was ridiculed for lying, and then saying he didn’t care if what he said was inaccurate.

Oh, so what did he not care that he was in accurate about?

It’s in your own link about Farlay Mowat. He wrote a book about the environment. People pointed out it was full of crap, with tons of factual errors. Not only did he not apologize, he doubled down and said that he didn’t care about facts. He is not unlike Trump that way.

He also lied about speaking the Inuit language. When he met Inuits, he could barely speak a word.

His most famous book, Never Cry Wolf, has been criticized heavily for being factually absurd and full of errors despite Mowat presenting it as truth.

In general, he was a clown who played fast and loose with the truth. Everyone makes errors but he didn’t admit them when he was wrong, and just carried on spreading the lies.


for people who read books instead of articles
in ‘high latitude’, mowat lists his expidition members
a translator
a pilot
a mechanic for the plane
his wife at the start of the trip
and some other guy i gather was a friend
he tours the devastation that is english rule
and reports what he sees

He stated it was subjective non-fiction.

It must be the truth if Duncan Pryde said it. He would certainly be speaking from a place of authority since his expertise included bedding down all the Inuit women.

He should have written about Pit bulls.

You’re certainly entitled to that opinion. He addressed the critics and no man should have to apologize for their work just because someone else judged it untruthful or misleading.

those people also pointed out that your inauguration was the most well attended ever
on page 4 of ‘high latitudes’ we find the following-
i called pete murdoch and invited him to join me.

pete was the inuit speaker

if he lied he must have stopped before 1966, donnie

lucky thing for the canadian aborigines that england practiced in australia
many people say