Make Life A Ride

BMW has remade its iconic Make Life A Ride commercial. I don’t like it. The original (second below) is much better.

The original (edit: corrected link to the original version, I had incorrectly linked to a revised version):

On a scale from 1 to 10, what would you give BMW drivers?

I’m assuming you mean BMW motorcycle riders given the context. Honestly I find them to be among the best riders out there. BMWs are expensive bikes so their riders tend to be older and more cautious.

BMW car drivers in Vancouver are generally Asian immigrants and they are often terrible drivers.

Oh im sorry. I meant car drivers. I know nothing about motorcycle drivers.

I know nobody cares about bikes here but whatever, Wayne Rainey is a legend. He is a three time world champion who was crippled 26 years ago in an accident at the Italian Grand Prix. He rode again this month.

I care! Who is Wayne Rainey? Haha! Just kidding. I don’t really know who Wayne Rainey is but it’s great to hear he rides again. I only chimed in because I own a bike. For sale, if you’re still looking for one. We originally bought it for our son when he was in high school. It’s a rebel with a smaller frame so your wife would probably love it. I rode it a few times but I never took it off Jimtown Road. I think we paid something like $1500.00 for it but I’d take $3000.00, as is. I would post a photo but it’s so pretty it would probably set your eyes on fire and I can’t find the photo I thought I took the other day.


I’m confused.

Rebels are fun little bikes. I’ve never owned a bike that small but they’re great for kids and women.