Love cannibalism - gross or natural spiritual desire for TOTAL union?

bread baked in human shit. This place is gross lately.

I can “trump” this (pun intended).
Recently there was released a lengthy interview of Armin Meiwes, a central German guy who at first ate a crazy masochist man’s freshly cut off penis, then other parts of the body post mortum.
In the past I thought of him as an uninteresting crazy fag, but some years ago they appearently released a lengthy interview where he detailed his motives. Quite interesting. Not only did he hesitate to perform those homosexual bestialities the masochist demanded from him, but his primary motive appearently hadn’t been sexual at all:

  • he urged for spiritual and beyond union with other men and even specifies the catholic practise of sharing altar bread (flesh of Christ) and wine (blood of Christ) to renew the communion covenant with Christ and compares it to his desire for TOTAL union with another members of mankind. Sort of like the drive one usually has when it comes to making babies out of love with a woman…or to become nationalist and unite with your kind of your nation…or join a sect to become one in spirit…
    You be the judge…

The uncensored, full and detailed interview IHMO only available in German

But there are other short versions in English language. Be aware to watch a recent one, because in the early ones they didn’t detail his true, non-sexual motive, but merely describe him as a sick fag.

PS: Come on guys, it’s 2020, the police should upload the original slaughter video on a free speech hoster…we need some gore here.

You seriously have to ask if this is gross?

Come on, Reg, we live in times in which homosexuality performed in the streets, promiscouity and consumption of pork meat isn’t considered far off anymore.
He served 15 years now. I think they should release him.

Those things are all gross, too. As is your screwing obese chicks and letting their fat rolls slap you in the face.

To my defense, I have to say that since I am not very promiscuous lately, I am only dreaming of having a “healthy-weight” waifu one time in the future…
But I am eager to know. My max weight has been 75kg so far, THIS IS NOTHING. I am playing in a whole different league now…I need extreme improvement…you know: try harder.

Maybe you wouldn’t need those 40mg Cyancalis you’re taking if you had a REAL wife and by real I mean 100+kg with REAL love-handles. A true challange for true men…
I yield for 120kg waifu and beyond
To set a water-mark, you know?
To show my Aryan manliness

Also…in hard times…a possible famine…you know…having 120kg of meat…Meiwes-style…in the fridge…will last you longer…better meat/mileage ratio…and winter is coming…

…ahhh forget it

God. Disgusting. I need to stop reading Daniel’s posts.

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You just wait until You sense the harsh Canadian winter again after leaving Chilipepperland, then You might want to remember my way of thinking…

I’m in the harsh Canadian winter. It’s actually quite nice out today. About 10°C. A week ago we had snow, however. Heading to Toronto on Friday, then Colombia in a week.

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…with a stop in London that is…
…I’ll be the one with the head stuck in Nigel’s fine *** most deeply…

And? Already seeing chubbies in a “better light”? :wink:

Chubbies are wipes for babies he doesn’t do those.


God knows there are plenty of them here. And in Europe, too. God the western world has gotten fat.

Don’t know if that’s a move up from goats or not.

If you are not the same species it is not cannibalism.

If you were not the same species but became the same species during the act and remained the same species after it is cannibalsim.

If you became the same species but reverted back then it was a dipole moment that just didn’t go polar.

unless you are something more than…elect ron. maybe elect ro file(phile).

Reggie…is this about vienna sausage?

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Lol! The infamous Vienna sausage.

lol. I just hope the pictures don’t resume.

I either missed the Vienna sausage episode or I’ve forgotten about it.