Life Intrudes

Just a reminder, I have surgery tomorrow (Tuesday). Hopefully we don’t have downtime. I’m not expecting any problems and I hope to be back in action tomorrow afternoon.

Good luck tomorrow. If there is a problem I will have you disturbed at the hospital to fix things. I’m sure you’ll be fine.

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I don’t drink coffee but I’ll try to drink some Colombian coffee tomorrow with you in mind.

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The anesthetic is the most dangerous part of the procedure. In case you have an adverse reaction, any parting words?

I would rather hear your parting words.

We should be allowed to cast lots for Regs’ blue shirt. (The original, of course)

Perhaps you could teach us how to cast lots.

What are our odds, Dr Dan…Can we get that shirt or not.

Sigh* Okay! lub lub lub lub lub. Seeyatomorrowreg

It’s the anaesthesia I fear. The actual surgery poses minimal risk. It being an epidural, if there are complications I will likely not die. I will just wish I had.

Probably true. Take two aspirin and be back here tomorrow.

You will be fine.

Don’t tell him that

What if he’s not fine

You really are a cunt.

Eww you are getting nasty

I will likely be fine, yes.

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You cloak yourself in the guise of christianity, yet of all the people who come here, you are the least Christ-like. You use your “christian” disguise to bully and provoke and belittle in a vicious way. The truth is Michelle, in this room, YOU are the BEAST.

Don’t become the monster you hate.

It must be sneaking out. Im sorry.

You demanded it. I’m sorry.

I’m only being truthful as I see things. Last night I was trying to keep it light. You couldn’t just go with it. I’m sorry.

You created this attitude and behavior in me. I don’t feel pity for you for having to take my shit. I took yours. Live with it.

I’m sorry. :pleading_face: