Learn German!...with the worst of YT Germany



I already “earned” some awards on bbad.
Still waiting for the award for the “most insane YT German vids”


Württembergian royalty receives a fan letter with “surprise”.


I would encourage you to make an avatar, Daniel, but I remember your last one so I’ll just be quiet.

PS: Good to see you here. I’ll send a mass mail out to old users once I get the news up again.


what is an avatar, Reg? 1. The image alone? 2. Your beliefs on the right side like it had been on the old bbad? 3. Or the cool statement below all of one’s postings?
I didn’t encounter 2 and 3 yet. But I got a neat pic now…


An avatar is just the picture you use to represent yourself. You already have one, now.


PS: We’re now able to paste images directly into messages without saving them as files first! Super cool.


Young innocent American teen stumbles over the “nutsionalist” section of German Youtube and is scared :wink:


Humoristic animal-lover reads love-letters from the comment section of his YT channel.


Drunk streaming


American U-Tuber Boneclinks loses “his innocense” in a German YT stream…


Youtube going ape-shit crazy over here…
New World order V.S. Dragon Lord of Bavaria