Kiwi censorship, private gun, Wikipedia down and 1984 laws

End-of-times news:

There seemingly had been some shooting going on in a mosque in New Zealand of all places.
I don’t know about you guys, but this thing stinks to high heaven just like nine-eleven (I got rhyme).
Possibly a false flag to discredit anti-muslim pro-multicultural voices. A staged attack to advance the global communist agenda?

What bothers me much more is that the 1984 machinery is now seemingly in full gear.

  • NZ outlawing semi-autos
  • Even “uncensorable” platforms like Bitchute manage to censor the delinquent’s video. (Him livestreaming for several tens of minutes without silicon tech giants Google and FB noticing just smells like 9/11’s air space policy back in 2001 to me). I thought Bitchute was technically uncensorable like one cannot undermine a Bitcoin transaction?!?! What a downfall! I guess video data is just too big for using block chain technology. But if the “uncensorable, decentralized” platforms are censorable after all, then good night freedom and welcome 1984.
  • Wikipedia is down today in some European countries (as of 21st of March) to protest new laws to make upload filtering a requirement for platforms and other “censorship” laws

It is the end of times. Take a big breath of freedom guys. Might be as well our last days…

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** European-wide demonstrations against §13 set for March 23rd of 2019 **

Anonymous’ message on topic:

be prepared for total war…

** Come and bring along jewr best memes **

!Nationalist resistance!

!Nationalist resistance!

!Nationalist resistance!

!Nationalist resistance!

Now there is a fine specimen of a white nationalist.


Poor guy in the meme eventually isn’t even a WN at all (or hadn’t been “past” by judgement of his cholesterol levels…)


once upon a time I bought a book abroad, because it had swazzies on its cover. SWAAAZZZZIIIES. Gotta buy it. Had to buy it. Swazzies rare in Germany these days you must know. I just HAD to buy it mandatorily.

Never ever have put a damn nose into this book eversince.

Because of me constantly moving flats I tossed it into the trash at some moving operation.

  • It had been Ingrid Rimland’s “The wanderers” about her mennonite family having fled from jewish commies in Russia to Paraguay.
    I have become a full blown Mennonite fan boy lately collecting everything about them. And I just have been informed about Rimland’s book’s content.

I am sooo stupid sometimes. Read a book, read a book, read a … boook!! We have to read instead of being turned on by all those book cover swazzies!! Such a low spirited WN sometimes :slight_smile: I could bite myself in the ****

Ingrid Rimland was an interesting person, primarily because of her husband, Ernst Zundel. I maintain to this day that he was screwed by the system.

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Wow! I feel bad for you, Will. I had no idea you felt that way.


I just had a wine made out of kiwis instead of grapes. It was a mead, actually with kiwis.

How was it?

Pretty good. Cheap lol.



…and she had been a :heart: M :heart: e :heart: n :heart: n :heart: o :heart: n :heart: i :heart: t :heart: e :heart: driven out of Bolshevik Russia by … the Kommisars

I followed the Zundel case when it was unfolding decades ago. Canada stripped him of his citizenship in a particularly disgraceful move. It was at that point that I realized my country was as stupid as all the others. Until then I looked at Canada with rose coloured glasses. Today free speech is a joke worldwide. Barely anyone is even pretending to adhere to it as a core principle anymore.

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It was very cheap and did not sell well. Mine was bottled in 2014. It was less than 5 dollars. I also bought a strawberry rhubarb, blueberry, and cranberry apple wine. They don’t use grapes at all. The scientist working there seemed quite brilliant. Or at least in this area.

Ingrid Rimland about her MENNONITE-related book “The Wanderers” (which I had owned for many years without reading it and now I lost it)

Rimland’s experience is amazing given the fact I compare her with an English-Indian Mennonite “Nadine Moonje Pleil” who’s community Bruderhof got persecuted and hunted by the Nazis fleeing to Paraguay and Rimland’s Russian-German community was rescued from Communism by Nazi armies going to the very same Paraguay just a few years later - with a similar fate:

  • having to build up from scratch in the jungle after having lost everything - basically a baptism in fire - a remarkable similarity