Kim Dotcom (German Hacker) on our side

The deep state - Trump - WikiLeaks
Kim Dotcom (founder of Megaupload and Mega data center) from New Zealand

Yet another fatass.

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German fat-ass I might add.

Come on, MyBigMoon, you’ll have to confess he is slim in comparison to German Youtuber Exsl95

Sorry. I just can’t bring myself to use the word “slim” with this guy.

The Aryan master race in all its ample glory.

I like the way you use the word “ample” Reg.

Be warned fascists and neo nazis.
There is a new gun in town

When you get so fat that you have to rely on a machine to lug your fat ass around.

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Interestingly bringing us back to the original topic of the thread.

Trump says they’re in love.