This is another reason why I think “justice” is stupid. A total waste of time.

Yeah sounds stupid, I mean the glass is half empty/half full makes little difference when there is “just ice”. Think neat.

You’re absolutely right, Mark! Hitler needs a glass if orgasmic wine first!

This poor bastard is now being deported, despite never having committed a crime of any kind in his life. He is guilty of being an interpreter for the Nazis, back when the only jobs were for Nazis. Asinine.

You know, this seems dark. No one wants to read dark material. I invite you over to the bright side, Will. Sometimes you come off as cold. I can testify, your bite is much worse than your bark, but I like the way you whittle away at the layers of cover until you reach the truth, even if it takes you to a dark place. That tells me that truth is important to you.

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Maybe if the CIA quit torturing people, things would be less dark.

People should know what is being done in their name.

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Democrats do have power to suppress the truth with their lies. I’m not worried. I wait on my Savior and know the truth will be revealed at the exact right time. Even indictments will be handed down and we are going to find out first-hand what they did. We should all draw strength from this most comforting thought. I do!

Don’t you get tired of predicting stuff that never happens?

Not at all. I learned a long time ago if you say something often enough a person will start to believe it.
For instance, I predict the truth will come out about the corruption of the Democratic Party and I feel rested.

Must be how you got your religious zealotry.

Yes probably. Would you like some?

I didn’t think so. Go back to your jury box, Rambo.

Ok. Next!

That’s it? Next? Are we all gettin haircuts?

You get a flat top, I’ll trim an inch off.

I imagine that’s all your selfish head can spare.

Foul mood today eh?

Not at all. I feel great but I am setting a mood for you. Do you feel okay, Will??