Israel has killed more civilians in Gaza in six weeks than Russia killed in Ukraine in almost 3 years.

I agree. It is in your best interest.

Weird is denying you know what is the common definition to any person with common sense.

Hamas is hiding under hospitals thereby using civilians to shield themselves from harm or death.

So let me get this straight. Your conspiracy theory is that I somehow knew that Google had an incorrect definition of “que maricada”, and I used that phrase knowing that you would Google the meaning, because I intended for you to think that I called you, a married woman, a “faggot”?

So true. Most Germans support Israels right to exist and their war on Hamas. Most demonstrators are people with migrant background, predominantly Arabs and Turks, hence Muslims. It says all about their true intention and mindset that they don’t criticise Hamas for deliberately killing and raping women, old people and even babies, and hide below hospitals. If I had the power, I would put that scum into Northern Gaza.

No. Where do you come up with all these crazy ideas? I have tried to make myself plain in hope that you would listen and understand me better. Apparently, I’m doing a poor job but I will try again.
You knew the English word for que maricada was fag and that I would interpret that to mean queer or gay since you knew that I wouldn’t know the true meaning of the word in Spanish. What I’m saying is, you twisted the meaning of the word, Reg. You distorted the english word by using the Spanish translation.

There is a huge natural gas field in Israel. You don’t think the destruction of the pipeline will cause Russia and Germany to turn to Israel for the spoils?

Yeah, they aren’t going to condemn their brothers for doing the same things they do.

Those are harsh words, Gunda. What if they call Germans scum and lure Germany into northern Gaza to make war with them? Would that be okay with you?

This is nonsense from beginning to end. Only 46% of Germans have a positive view of Israel and a full third of Germans feel that Israel are behaving like Nazis.

Hamas disagrees with you. And so does Erdogan and most Arabians/Turks as well as Muslims in general. Thats the reason why Israel needs to eradicate Hamas and I fully understand them if they will keeo Northern Gaza as a security zone to prevent a similiar attack by the Palestinians in the future. It’s so easy to demand from Israel to stop the war in Gaza from a save and cozy living room far away from any only slightly such a danger like the Israelis have to face each single day. The Israelis need to get pressured to give up their settlements in the Westbank, though and both sides finally need to get pressured to agree in a two-state-solution. I don’t get why people in the West rather pay billions of money in aid for both countries while with most of that money just corrupt Palestinians officials and terrorists like Hamas get feeded, while the Arabs, Turks and the Iranians don’t help the Palestinians significantly. Except for grabbing their land as well (like Jordan) or to use them to fulfill their own egoistic goals

[quote=“Reg, post:632, topic:381”]
Only 46% of Germans have a positive view of Israel and a full third of Germans feel that Israel are behaving like Nazis.[/quote]
Jesus Christ, lol, even I belong to those 54% of Germans with a negative view on Israel. Ethnic Germans btw., as many Germans in that study have an Arabic/turkish migrant background or even solely non-german identity, despite belonging to the second or even already third generation born in Germany. That’s also the reason Jews don’t feel secure anymore in Germany. Not because of the ethnic Germans, but because we let in so many Muslim and mostly economic migrants. In anti-Israel demonstrations and interviews you also see calls for the eradication of Israel and calls for a caliphat, hence IS-supporters. And they wonder why people vote for AfD, lol.

That’s obviously the plan.

This is wishful thinking. The only way there will be peace in the next 50 years there is for one side to wipe out the other. Beyond 50 years, peace may be possible if economic conditions improve for the Palestinians, but this current murder spree in Gaza won’t be forgotten soon.

Number of civilian deaths in Ukraine in 2 years: 9,614
Number of civilian deaths in Gaza in 6 weeks: 11,500 (4,700 of which were children)


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Nonsense. That was a serious truth bomb!

She looks a bit like you, Michele.

Yeah, but she’s full of nonsense, like you. There is so much wrong with what she’s saying I don’t even know where to start.
She fails to acknowledge that the Word makes clear that God will bring His people back to His land, the Land of Israel. Jeremiah 30:3 That prophecy was fulfilled in 1948. It doesn’t matter if God used the Rothschilds as a vessel for His purpose. He can do that. Everything belongs to Him and He makes it clear that He wasn’t going to do it for them but to demonstrate His power so that the world would believe in Him and His work.
Also, she’s complaining about Israel claiming the land as there’s but Palestinians and those who support Palestine claim it belongs to them because they have been there for millennia.

Why are the Israelis being freed called “hostages” and the Palestinians being freed called “prisoners”? When someone is held in jail without charges, often children for throwing stones, I call them “hostages” too. The media double standard on Israel is starting to crumble and this imagined distinction needs to crumble with it.

Probably because innocent little Israeli children were taken from there homes after the parents were bludgeoned to death.

I don’t know if you’re telling the truth here or not but if they broke the law they need to be heard in the presence of a juvenile court.

They haven’t even been charged, Michele.

Also from that article, if a Palestinian “expresses joy” at one of their relatives being released from Israeli prison, they can be thrown in jail. Israel is a thug state.

As Palestinian prisoners were being released last week, Israel imposed a ban on celebrations by their family members. “Expressions of joy”, National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir said, “are equivalent to backing terrorism”.

They should probably not crack a smile then. There is not one thing joyous about dead Israelis.