Is polygamy a sin?

Who the hell would want more than one?

God knows not me.

Abraham took concubines before the Law was brought down. Sin of any kind was not known until God revealed it with the 10 Commandments and the rest of the Law.

What about “original sin”?

Good question. If sin wasn’t known until the 10 commandments, why were Adam and Eve cast out of the garden of Eden for sinning?

I’m starting to think we aren’t getting good spiritual advice from Michele.

Stop it! It was the only command given them and they broke it. They still didn’t know any other sin. According to the Bible, before the Laws came down, everyone did what was right in their own eyes. Murder was the only sin committed that they knew you would be marked for.

I think you are confused and very angry Michele. Lashing out at your friends like that.

Haha. I’m neither confused or angry. I can see how you might be though.