Interesting Fist Tat I Saw In Chilliwack While Driving Yesterday

$DIS on his right fist.

Finally walked on the little path by the nice creek on Patterson Rd. Nice houses nearby benches have been put there there is a memorial wooden plaque to someone with a dis to the person who stole the one below it. An old guitar body is tacked to a tree almost no litter which I picked up.

For some reason some ppl at the Sardis Library were talking loudly about Joe Mulligan the sex offender and fraudster, alkie, pc thief and the red faced Surrey businessman who I lost my lawsuit to and my ex friend in Pitt Meadows and for some reason Mr.Zaiser who I have not heard about since 2006. The red faced guy claimed in a post to the van.general newsgroup on USENET and Google Groups that Mr.Zaiser had an extensive criminal record but he told so many lies online who knows. I did not like Zaiser and his visitors but after chasing him back into his condo which was next to my parents and smashing his vehicle I had no further problems with him he used to have black leather bikers from Alberta visit him. The loud magpies also felt sorry for Jeremy Dyck being chased by a baseball bat wielding man. Library staffer stated loudly they were not afraid to call the RCMP sad that some govt employees won’t call RCMP out of fear or gang or criminal ties those ppl should be fired. Sardis Library male staff has the most impressive physical specimens of any library even the 7 story main Vancouver library and yes some of the female staff are good looking. You looking for single Mom’s going nowhere fast try Sardis library. Of course there are ppl there just using the library.

My bad I posted this to the wrong category what can I say I only had 4.5 hours of dream deprived sleep looking forward to a nap.

It’s ok, @GregCarrsober, nobody cares here about putting things in the right category.