Insulin Tourism

This is sick. Americans travel to Canada to buy insulin at Walmart (an American store) in Canada for a tenth the price it costs at US Walmarts. The US needs some good old fashioned socialism.

I’m pretty lucky I don’t need it. I think Canada is 5 hours away.

I do need it and I can’t imagine it costing 10x as much. Capitalism at its worst.

Benie just tweeted on this exact topic. I didn’t know he had when I first posted but I love it.

Wake up Reg.

It’s 7:30 am here. I just woke up.

Well, Reginald, while you slept your website wouldn’t post my important information. Seems to be working now.

I blame Trump.

That’s acceptable. Expecting delivery of new computer which will probably take some time to set up. Usually we get UPS deliveries late in the day even though they are located about a half mile away. So looking forward and dreading the setup. Backed up onto a ssd with windows 7. New one is windows 10. It will either be a hot rod or an expensive boat anchor.

Track package

2019 Dell Inspiron 23.8" FHD Touchscreen AIO Desktop Computer, 8th Gen Intel Hexa-Core i7-8700T up to 4.0GHz, 32GB DDR4 RAM, 2TB SSD, Bluetooth 4.1, 802.11ac WiFi, USB 3.1, HDMI, Windows 10

Looks great. No way that’ll be a boat anchor. W10 is the best Windows ever.

Up and running.

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You’ll love it. I’m typing this on a 6 year old Dell XPS laptop that just refuses to die despite having been to about 30 countries and having the hell beaten out of it. I have dropped it on tile floors in San Salvador and gotten it soaked in the rain in Bogotá. It’s certainly not looking new anymore but the only thing wrong with it is the right-click on the trackpad isn’t working so well. I use a portable mouse so I don’t care.

One day it’ll die and I’ll very likely buy another Dell. Good stuff they make.

Yeah, I’m very happy with this one. Still have some work to do on the setup but it’s beautiful. Even your POMs look beautiful.

I want to change to my mechanical keyboard and still need to restore files from old machine. Screen is much bigger than I am used to but the pics are amazing.


Stop right these and about injecting your insulin in restaurants with the help of your wife without care of other patrons.
You are the one sick. And it might not just be sick diabetes that make you looking, smelling, and feeling like ice cream #2.

Do you remember when I warned Dan about it not being love but possibly a parasite causing his overly affectionate and caring for kittens? For you it could be a bacteria. E. Coli. It’s a common bacteria found in animals and even in humans but you have read reports of when it is found in great concentration in the food industry.

There are steel vats upon vats with this bacteria in storage. Why? for diabetics like you. The first insulin was from bovine or porcine sources, cows and pigs respectively. More modern is human insulin contained in genetically altered E. coli bacteria. Your insulin is manufactured mainly by bacteria. So without you caring when you inject at tables at food places you are trying to make people sick with this GENITCALLY ALTERED BACTERIA THAT IS OVER RIDING YOUR THINKING. Not just trying to strike a better balance with your insulin and glucose levels or simply “be sweeter”.

You stink. That should be a good indicator.

[Bacterial adherence and other virulence factors for urinary tract infection - UpToDate](!#:~:text=Virulence%20factors%20of%20E.%20coli%20are%20mainly%20responsible,important%20for%20the%20formation%20of%20infectious%20struvite%20stones.)
Virulence factors of E. coli are mainly responsible for promoting progression of the organism from the fecal reservoir into the bladder and occasionally the kidney . In comparison, virulence factors of P. mirabilis can induce UTI but are particularly important for the formation of infectious struvite stones

As far as I know E. Coli (genetically modified populations in steel vats) are what is used to produce and deliver your insulin. That’s a bacteria can cause disease along with viruses, fungi, and parasites. The bacteria itself can linked to viruses. Bacteria war with each other all the time and with viruses. Bacteria even produce antibiotics.

[Escherichia coli (]