The return of the Incels. Assuming they ever left. They might just not be getting press these days.

TBS television said he told police he developed the intent to kill women who “looked happy,” and stabbed a woman who happened to be seated near him in the carriage. He also told police that he chose to stage the attack inside a train because it offered the chance to kill a large number of people.

Bizarre. Why would anyone want to kill a person because they “look happy”?

Because they’re not.

Which begs the question, why not. What could be so wrong with a persons life that they feel they need to kill a person smiling?

same reason you would kill for your god… insanity

Michele, western society is fundamentally flawed and is unsustainable. It sells you the idea that if you work hard (or just work smart, or sometimes just work at all), you will make money and be successful and get a beautiful girl and live happily ever after. This dream used to include having children but that’s no longer in so much. Anyway, millions of men do this and then find that the girls just aren’t interested. They see tattooed losers getting tons of girls and they get none and they don’t understand why.

Beyond this, society (and its media) have migrated to telling people that the former goal of marrying one person for life is a loser play and you should screw many women and have several on the go at all times if you want to be cool. If you really want to be super cool, you should do occasional three way sex and maybe take a few guys up the butt now and then. If you do all that on ecstasy, it’s even cooler.

Society also tells women that they don’t need a man, shouldn’t want a man, and should be totally happy hopping from bed to bed with people whose gender doesn’t matter. Just get on a career path, buy an expensive condo and suck on whatever you feel like at the moment.

Happiness this way is obviously unattainable and unsustainable if attained.

When people clue in to the futility of current societal ideals, they obviously find themselves frustrated. They bought the condo and took the same gendered person up the butt and they’re still not happy, even though the Kardashians said they would be. Many women turn to antidepressants and other drugs. Many men turn to violence.

Our society is sick.

lol as much as you would like to see it that way, this has nothing to do with our western society, the media or our latest ways of diversity… these things have always happened since humans have been around

Obviously these things happened, but it wasn’t the goal of society for them to happen. Read Jane Austen and you’ll see what the human dream was in 1805. Watch the Kardashians and you’ll see what it is in 2021. We live longer and are healthier but in many other ways, we have regressed.

at least we have time travel

lol perhaps after i start enjoying your bieber and celine then maybe i will also try to embrace your jane austen and kardashians…

i dont think there is such a thing as 1 human dream or 1 goal… no matter what the tribe leader or government or media try to show and tell us… we all have our own goals depending on where we are born, circumstances and situations that occur during our lives and we will take different roads and do different things trying to reach those goals

yes we have managed to reach higher levels in some fields but in some we are still the same cavemen and it doesnt look like that will change any time soon either :wink:

I have no interest in Bieber, Celine or the Kardashians, but Jane Austen is worth a read. You don’t have to even read a full book. The very first sentence of her most famous book, Pride & Prejudice reads:

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.

Not anymore, Jane.

Now he wants a wife, a chick or two on the side, a male lover he takes up the butt but he doesn’t self-identify as bisexual, some MDMA, a condo and a Tesla, and he wants people to just quit fucking judging him all the time. More than anything (and this is the only goal he shares with his ancestors), he desperately seeks the approval of his peers.

Unfortunately these days, his peers are as sick as he is.

lol so its the over romanticized drivel meant for teenage girls or the greedy hedonistic nonsense for tough guys…

good thing i dont have to choose between those 2 scenarios because iam not sure which i dislike more :wink:

There’s a lot to cover here but I’m busy with Joe. I do have something to say about that that bizarre view.

looking forward to read that… and hi joe!

Nico, I’m not asking for a return to Jane Austen’s world. I am noting that we don’t seem to have progressed from it. We have in many ways, of course, but in others we’ve gone backwards.

I think you’re right.

Because globalist make us sick with poisonous vaccines that sterilize our youth.

Total losers are people too.

Sure, until you catch something you can’t wash off. Society and the media doesn’t teach that though.

That’s because men are so busy screwing as many women as possible to look super cool but don’t worry. Somewhere in the world a woman is sucking on whatever she feels like at the moment.

You’re personal experiences seem to be sneaking out. “Suck on whatever you feel like at the moment”? No wonder you’re so rude to women. You’ve painted an image and placed all women on it.

After that little peak, I’d like to turn you off. I’ll run fetch a suitable image for the moment.

Obama allegedly scaled back his 60th birthday party but the tent he erected dwarfed the nearby mansions.

perhaps the fault is in your choice of media
my media has weather and the local high school sports
maybe i need a new cable package
you address your complaints to gracie
that’s a little sad

remember when we could own slaves?
remember when mom’s titties were warm and heavy with milk?
i sure miss those days, michelle

No, I don’t. That’s a little sad, isn’t it.

are those the ones who believe in heaven