Should they be screened for AIDS?

I doubt such a screening would have affected her at all.

Oh no I didn’t mean her. I meant in general.

I am not against screening prospective immigrants for HIV.

Why not just a T cell count? That’s the only difference between HIV and AIDS… the cut off.

Sure, whatever method is used is fine with me. Let them screen for HIV or not as they please.

You make me out as some couch potato here that it is fine to average off health conditions on it. Not just your own but others to make it seem like your doing above and beyond so much you can bring in anyone.

You are not even living and or making an effort to.

You Damn cost Colombia with your health and Canadian insurance. Wonder who and where they are going to direct that to?

You are sick dude.

I have insurance in both Colombia and Canada. I pay the going rate for both. I also pay taxes to both governments which has so far always added up to more than I have taken from the system. Where’s the problem?