If it could be done

What would you prefer to become?
  • Vampire
  • Werewolf or other Were (rat, bat, etc)
  • Frankenstein (enhanced strength and recovery, upgradeable)
  • Mummy (could be tocino or bacon as well as bandages)
  • Ghoul, Zombie, or Undead
  • Merman
  • Evil Witch (Male, yes also) with powers
  • Golem with tech possibility (metal clay)

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If this could be done on a whim even if just on a slight degree so it could be reversed or developed.

Those are horrible options. Dead sounds better.

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I voted witch. It wasn’t that close for me. Frankenstein monster is probably second. He seems pretty dumb, though.

what is a merman?
When I was full white power, I wanted to become Werewolf
Nowadays I am striving to become a follower of Jeshua, so none of the choices given.

I voted for Werewolf because I love to support bbad’s polls

What a strange thing to waste mental energy on. I don’t want to be any of those things.

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A merman is a male mermaid. You could make money in the circus with your scales. It would be lonely. You wouldn’t be allowed to compete in the olympics since you aren’t a human. Not many benefits. Definitely more cons. You would be the best lifeguard of all time and make 15 dollars an hour.

You would feel excruciating pain on a nightly basis if you were a werewolf.

As a Werewolf or as a Merman or as a follower of Jeshua who also had to suffer?

Not even a bacon mummy?

Nickscafe take it away!

If you are a church goer you probably won’t celebrate Halloween and they usually have another even for kids that night. Also Some people just refuse to hang up orange crepe paper as if it were Early thanksgiving prep. Kind of signifies a wish to burn something down.

I set the trust level to zero and seems I can’t even vote.

Here’s to hoping your truth level exceeds your trust level. :baby_bottle:

There I got a vote in. Maybe I should have changed the poll to If you had to choose which evil to fight, but the golem isn’t always evil.

Yeah, there’s a big difference between what you want to become and which evil to fight.

Or what one must become to fight evil.

I am.