Yay! I love new technology.

“The ID2020 Certification Mark is an initiative to create a trustmark for digital identities”
—Twitter user

Maybe they will introduce it when they get a vaccine for the coronavirus. Just imagine, a vaccine and a new identity. :fire:

Someone once told me it was readiness they wanted. I feel they same way.

This ship has sailed. Global IDs are coming. The subdermal implants people fear won’t even be necessary. Passive IDs of any human will be done without any tech needed either on or in the person. China is starting this with facial recognition of all its citizens but it’s going to go so much further. In time they’ll be able to do a full DNA scan of anyone from a kilometer away without the person ever knowing they were scanned.

EDIT: This will end most crime, including almost all violent crime. It will also end almost all of our current notions of privacy.

I googled passive I’d.
What is the point of a passive id if they have active id’s?

Apparently frequency is important.

You’re looking at passive RFID systems. I’m talking about simply passive ID systems of any kind, not specifically RF. I believe sensor technology is going to advance to the point where we can conclusively ID a person from afar with no devices on (or in) their person.

“Passive identification is discovering the properties of an item in a way that does not assign the name of the item to it when discovered. An example of passive identification is zapping an unidentified wand of cancellation at a dragon and hearing it cough”

the british will probably jump on this technology, they already love their millions of cctv cameras with facial recognition

i personally think placing some automatic lights in dark areas is way more effective and a lot cheaper

Michele, don’t confuse a definition you found at a site called “wikihack” with the only possible interpretation of the two words “passive id”. Obviously passive ID is simply the opposite of active ID, meaning you are identifying something without an active intervention (like a radio transmission) on their part.

That ship has sailed. We’re all going to be constantly ID’d with every step we take out of the home. I’ve already said that will eventually get rid of almost all crime at the cost of privacy. I wonder what effect it will have on marital infidelity.

lol guess that depends if you place those sensors inside hotel rooms or not

argh they might ban the wearing of glasses and false moustaches now…

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How will it eliminate crime? Are we all going to glow in the dark?

lol it wont but i appreciate his peaceful and hopeful (but controlling) ideas about this;)

If everything is on camera all the time, and we know who each person on camera is, and we know where everyone is at all times, almost every crime will be instantly solved. There will be no more guessing who did that assault or that hit and run or that drive by shooting or that mugging or that car jacking or that rape. There will also be no more guessing where the culprit is. Police will just go and arrest him.

sounds very nice and logical but unfortunately most people are neither and will always find a way lol

Some people will find a way. The overwhelming majority of crimes are not sophisticated and would be eliminated with the combination of cameras and ID tech. A few super sophisticated crimes would still occur.

doubt it, but will be interesting to see if british crime will be eliminated once they implement such nonsense as well lol
(it doesnt seem to help much with their current millions of cctvs)

Which countries allow you to vote by their mail system? Or by online?

I think this quarantine might help NH join the 21st century. You cannot register to vote online in NH. Town hall has been closed for a month, so everything is either online or through snail mail or email. You can re-register your car online, but if you have just moved or bought a car that is difficult. In NH, registration is done at town hall, not the dmv. The service at the dmv is actually much friendlier than town hall.

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We should definitely bring voting online with biometric verification. If people think the government having their retina scan or fingerprint will mark the end of the world, they are free to not vote which will also improve the system.

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Nonsense, Reg. Advancing technology does not equate the end of the world. These are positive changes I welcome.

Here’s an article about curbside pickup which had me rethinking home deliver. I’ve never explored the convenience of food deliver before but this quarantine has exposed new and some preferable options.

Despite having a DL, it was required by State for me to also get a real ID by October this year. I believe that has been postponed until next year due to pandemic.

No doubt. They were being issued for flying. There isn’t really any need for that now since no one is flying as is reflecting in the price of WTI Crude today, which dipped below $12.00 per barrel. It’s at $12.04 right now and is predicted to fall to $10.00 a barrel.