ICBC Rebate

Did anyone else get their ICBC rebate aka Eby re-election bribe. Got my $110 cheque today in the mail. Mr Eby’s party is at 47% in the latest poll John Rustad’s totally resurgent BC Conservatives are at 31% BC United stalled at 13%. Mr Eby announced a baby girl his families third child is on the way so he will be limiting his public appearances. The election is in 110 days. The BC Conservative Party plan to refill Sumas Lake with its farms and buildings and homes rather than spend a fortune on dykes and pumps is controversial the lake was drained a hundred years and then reformed in the record flood of a few years.

I got my Eby rebate. I like Eby. He’s been good overall, but I don’t like his deficits. I hope he gets that under control.