I...will fight

Do you like Batman Reg? I wanted to send you a package of comic books, just various Batman issues. Not a whole lot, but yeah I wanted to call you and talk Batman movies etc. comics, action figures, anime series.

Almost typed bantam, which made me think of chicks.

No, Mark. I don’t like any of that stuff.

and in america, we have individuals with ak47s shoot up synagogues and african baptists
gotta hand it to religious freedom

This is actually a good point. People are often proud of their freedom, especially in the west. We can go where we want, when we want, and we can have and express political and religious opinions, all without fear of government reprisals.

While that’s great, it doesn’t address real-world reprisals. What good is freedom of movement if your city is so violent you’re terrified of leaving your home? The government may not harass you but some gang banger might shoot you in the face for sport.

What good is religious freedom and freedom of speech if you lose your career and can’t feed your family? The government may not harass you but your kids will go to bed hungry.

Freedom is a facade.

Freedom from religion is one drink away. Have two. I’m feeling parched.

facade is such a BIG word for a teenager
your freedom is what you make it

my point was that gracie is a finger-pointing gun-toting nazi
but you ramble away
feel free

Obsessing more?

You seriously took time out of your life to compose and post that?

i will explain excessive celebrity death with my quantum dots

I doubt you will. Seems to me you’ll continue to obsess about tiny details in everyone else’s posts while contributing nothing of your own. I point this out in the hope that you will recognize your own behaviour and try to say something of your own, instead of just endlessly heckling, mocking and deriding others which is honestly quite pathetic to watch.

Try it, Bill. Come up with your own unique thought. Something not based on anything else anyone has said here. Express an opinion about the situation in Belarus, or the existence of aliens, or whether Atantis existed, or whether we’ll ever have faster-than-light travel. Anything except heckling or deriding or mocking something someone else has said.

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can’t do it
not worth it
nature of the beast you are riding

I don’t believe that. You’ve done it in the past. Even quite recently. You told us about some bathtub support you were building, and you posted about woodworking things you wanted to buy. You told some stories about motorcycling you did years ago, and you posted a bit about the area you live in now. You told some stories about the people you’ve met and the places you’ve been.

You have it in you, Bill. That you choose not to use it is your prerogative, but being an irritating heckler is not the only card you have in your hand to play.

therefore i doubt you will
cartesian plain

That would be a great improvement over your mockery about my quantum dots.